Phu Foilom natural touch fresh air

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Phu Foilom natural touch fresh air

Phu Foilom natural touch fresh air And an evening with the stars

Into the final bend of winter. Winter has come another wave continued. The buoyant air ripe with the heart. Anyone who wants to change the atmosphere of life That authors have to hurry then.


It’s good they’re doing If the atmosphere in the winter like we had gone to bed tent winter sky full of stars .. Scenic mountains overlooking the city and the clouds would take us to the light. Let us drift away with a relaxing atmosphere.

In Udon Thani had a good view of where the wind is not anyone who has not been to the patch. It’s advisable to get to This is because the hit charts ever.


The hit was that the ” Phu Foilom ” a mountainous area that has a rich staph is in the national forest Phan Don – art lighting Coast Nong province. Height from sea level to about 600 meters.


Named the ” fuzz wind ” comes from the name of the plants, lichens. The island is inhabited by a branch of a large tree in the area of distribution. Looks fuzzy green light.Island wind shredded the tree can be used as a measure of the purity of the air as well. If the wind is not frilly. Show that the air is very pure


If the wind shredded the mountain fresh air just coming to Chempad it is worth it. The atmosphere is very good There is also a tourist project. Prehistoric Park and the Dinosaur By Mr. building museum Various dinosaur sculpture Size of the real Turtles, crocodiles and ancient statues Modeling and evolution The monkeys into humans The Walking We were traveling to visit a spot. Around Phu Foilom


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