Park Yung - Nam Som district Yung province.

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Park Yung – Nam Som district Yung province.

Park Yung – Nam Som district Yung province.


Park Yung – Nam Som With an area of approximately 215,000 acres covering three provinces joint Khai and Udon Thani’s terrain consists of steep mountain complex at the height of about 200-500 meters above sea level, the highest mountain is about 588 meters high, Hu grandmother. state forests are also rich sources such as Huay Nam Som Creek watershed at Tatton characterized by a sandy loam soil under evergreen and deciduous dipterocarp forest and gravel. Stone found in the area are mostly sandstone. In the area of this park has been declared a national park since 2518 and was transferred to the Division of Supervision National Park since 2532.


Park Yung – Nam Som The climate is monsoon The summer weather is very hot.Temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius during the months from March to May. The rainy season is between the months of June to October. And during the winter months from November to February. As the cold weather. Temperatures around 10-20 degrees Celsius, which is the most suitable for tourism. Also within the park The rich forest scattered along the hillside and ridges. A tree is deciduous Hiang antimony, etc. The plant is ground and mixed Hygaepek penis bamboo species. Along the creek is dry. The rattan palm trees and ground flora and herbs. These forests are the habitat of many wild animals. Although greatly threatened by man. But it is still seen


Attractions in the park, this is not much. The tour highlights the scenic red rock andwaterfall Yung Thong The audience will have a hiking trail loops back to the original.Starting at the Visitor Center. A distance of about two kilometers, you can walk round it.The first point is to find a waterfall Yung Thong. About 500 meters away from the waterfall is beautiful during the rainy season. Since then a lot of water. River streams falling from the cliff about 25 meters below the penthouse cliff walk waterfall up close. Below is a pool where you can play. It should not be played during a flood. This area is inhabited by a flock of peacocks, lots to eat out. And water down the waterfall. People who come to see that this so-called cascade waterfall Yung Thong.


Between hiking, nature study provides interpretive signage at intervals. To educate tourists In addition, this route will visit a waterfall Yung Thong and beautiful view of the red cliff, there is little waterfall. A small waterfall To visit with The beautiful forest alternating intervals. The trees along the way If you have time to drive to another day.Tip waterfall or waterfall mist , which is adjacent to the river. The offense again.


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