Tamnanpar Chanot Naga City

The dragon has come out of this crater.
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Tamnanpar Chanot Naga City (ghosts)

Tamnanpar Chanot Naga City (ghosts)

Temple Sirisuttho or wild Chanot district Dung District. Udon another myth that people believe about the dragon Thailand, many wonder which of the people in the area believed to be the land of the dragon. Sacred Grove mysterious mystical islands float stories that belief Island Chanot never drown. Because Nagas have preserved And stories that make us Chanot in 2532 is legendary ghosts. People are used to create the film.


Of the “Chanot” involving Naga include ghosts screening. The snake is transformed into a human being. Outdoor movies, go to hiring projection Chanot and the other one is at home, organized the annual event. There are many forms of entertainment It will come up snake By converting into common Women will wear a white dress Wear colors like black men like turban with red cloth.

Chanot island floating over an area of approximately 20 acres with poplar called “early Chanot” more full. Once inside the Chanot are cool as air is enough to rain around the island, the water would flood every year, but the Chanot water will not flood, it seems that this island will rise as the water is, if needed. water was up more water it down by a surprisingly large.Water overflowing from the ” Mother Water War” Battle River, which flows into the Mekong River at the Chanot, this villager said. A sacred pond called “chimney dragon” has led three long bamboo trunk tree together and take down. It appears that has not yet reached the floor. But strange that when throwing a coin into. To see the coins out of the water the villagers believe that the dragon has come out of this crater.


The miracle of 2519 caused massive flooding in the Mekong River basin. The District Dung But no flood Chanot. Residents nearby to answer that. The flood water because the dragon preserved. The courts have worshiped the dragon 2 by Naga Acropolis help bolster glyphs and then nudge the pressure, causing the water to rise.

And wild Chanot place became famous overnight because tale “ghosts” the most wondrous strange happened. When the company celebrated films of the East. Was hired by someone to film outdoor palace in the village of Gold with the amount of 4,000 baht , but there is a caveat. Projected to finish only fourth hit of the day and leave the village before dawn. The ban on turning back to look.

Since the start of early film ….. Not enough people see it by three people out of a lot. But the strange thing is Women are to wear white on the front seat. A man wearing black clothes sitting on the other side. And all sat together peacefully as no movement at all. Moreover, whether the film is nothing. It does not sound like a noisy outdoor movies in general. Thriller was released inaction Silent film comedy But the strange is There are no shops in the consumer.Smoking is not even a shop The whole story In the year 2532 it inherited from the direct experience of being a supporter of ghosts screened.


Several years ago It seems this story is still spread around UMP dating. Especially among residents. Wang, the confidence and faith in the forest “ghosts” is what they think is real.Although there may not be enough weight to be able to prove it. Pa Chanot is named after the topography. Since the beginning of the Chanot. (In the same family as palm trees like palm or coconut pieces, but higher) based massively. Looking towards what I see is a landmark majestic mountains Chanot. It is surprising If Dong Chanot out of this. Just 300 meters away from Chanot was not visible even from the same. This makes approximately 20 acres of land was a forest of nicknaming Chanot authentic.

And a pond in the middle of Dong Chanot. A small pond But the water came out naturally over time. The villagers believed that the water given to the Nagas living in the forest. For ponds in the forest Chanot. It is said that the water is very sacred. The villagers believed that Many have tried to pray in front of a pond as you wish. Some of the sick to drink or bathe disease disappeared entirely. A wonderful great But that’s not all There is a belief that much.Many people do not believe it is sacrilege. Drew water from the well and to wash the feet instead gone back suffered repeated illness worse.

As well as those who want to experience the wild, mysterious Chanot was composed and performed by the prohibition, etc. that are not allowed to wear shoes in the entire forest, hat, glasses, umbrellas, alcohol, smoking is strictly prohibited because this is an insult. disrespect to preserve land

The belief of the Naga people here may not be different from the Nong Khai believed that the serpent is real. Naga fireballs caused by the supernatural power of the lord of the underworld. Not the work of a human being when it is presented through film. Some media, including TV channels several years ago. Villagers nearby forest Chanot was similar. They create corridors that connect with the outside world into the sacred forest. The seven-headed serpent statue two bedrooms to the end of a long winding corridor approximately 300 metersto reflect the power and prestige of the dragon mold.

Even in Lent the 15th lunar month, 11 people were also believed to be the serpent came to breathe. The red light on the water surfaced, and then blew up the sky (similar to the Naga Fireballs surfaced in the Mekong River to Thailand. Nong Khai) is breathing dragon. Who will see the merit of their lives.  Pa Chanot has countless stories both eerie and exciting. The serpent is actually a variety of mental or gluten. Personal beliefs because it is difficult to prove.

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